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Palais de Tokyo, 2020 / 2.21 – 9.13

Composed by various artists on different levels, Palais de Tokyo’s 2020 spring summer exhibition is one of my personal favourite shows this year – though it is true that I haven’t had a chance to visit many museums this year due to the covid 19 situation.

On its ground floor where sun shines on the beautiful fabric hung by Ulla von Brandenburg, one will enter the exhibition through layers of round cut fabric, followed by automatic music boxes and stuffed dolls here and there.

Ulla von Brandenburg

Le milieu est bleu
Born in Germany, artist Ulla von Brandenburg now lives and works in Paris. Her works at Palais de Tokyo is full of theatric effect, music, using fabric and curtains to create different spaces and lead the audiences into another space.

Notre monde brûle

In the basement is a total different world – “Notre monde brûle – Our world is burning”, an exhibition conceived in collaboration with the MATHAF.

Fully covered by sand, audiences are welcomed to walk barefoot through the space – studying the wars, political debate and environmental fragility: the the use of natural resources.

Installation by Wael Shawky, until 2020.8.2

Palais de Tokyo

13 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris

Videography – Shan Wu
Montage – Hao Hu


*Special Thanks to Palais de Tokyo

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